Indy GeekCast

Patrick and Savannah O’Connor

May 1, 2017

Guests: Patrick and Savannah O'Connor of The Shake Ups

Patrick and Savannah, two fifths of The Shake Ups, join me just in time for the release of their umpteenth (totally a number) album. This time The Shake Ups are headed to Beach City to celebrate their love of Steven Universe, an awesome cartoon from Cartoon Network that has blown past 3 seasons already. Patrick and Savannah hit us with their origin story, influences both real an imagined (by Matt), and Matt thinks people assume local bands suck by default and will be super-impressed by what The Shake Ups offer. We chat about the distinction between themed albums and live concerts that honor the spirit and love for a fandom as opposed to those that might parody a property to belittle or degrade its base of fans. Patrick wants to eventually bring his love of Voltron to life while Savannah is itching to become our real life Ms. Frizzle of Magic Schoolbus fame.

Intro Bump: "Wave of Steven" by The Shake Ups [Web]

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