Indy GeekCast

Larry D. Sweazy

May 15, 2017

Guest: Larry D. Sweazy, author of Where I Can See You and many more

Larry is an awesome AND local author (Noblesville) and caters to many genres. His latest book, "Where I Can See You", came highly recommended from the staff at Barnes & Noble and I personally back them up on that. Weaving in notes from younger days (for both of us), the story does a great job of capturing the intersection between childhood perceptions of events and places and the adult context and analysis of those years later. Larry and I talk about our shared origins in Anderson, Indiana and the influences of hitting the lakes as both children and adults. He also provides a great "origin story" for his writing and the influence that his job as an indexer has had on his career.

Intro Bump: "Undercurrents" by The Madeira [Web]

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